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Nine years war - No decisive battles Fatigue ran out of...

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Outline How is started: Louis XIV almost always at war Why – establish power, hegemony What is the backdrop, context? Participants: role of Louis –hegemony Role of England changed – James II overthrown, role of William II Grand Alliance – who were they, how did it come together Attitude of German States – What happened in the war- battles, main events Destruction of German citizenry led to long term hatred
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Unformatted text preview: No decisive battles Fatigue, ran out of money End – Treaty of Ryswick What did it contain, who got what Outcome/Impact – Did it solve anything? Next war was of Spanish Succession 1702 – 1714 Last name, first name. Name of book . City published: Name of publishing company, year published, page. Cooke, Elizabeth. John Keyes . New York: Oxford University Press, 1990, 285....
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