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Britain- - Keeping India and its other colonies together, with the big threat to those colonies being Russia - Mediterranean was a big issue for them - They wanted to keep the Ottoman Empire strong. - Balance of power could pull the rug from under of them - France had no problems with Russia, which made them nervous. ***NOT SURE France- - Future German aggressive - Future German aggressive - Prestige - Treaty of Frankfurt (look up) - Involved in Southeast Asia Austria- - Balkans, and Russian expansion - German foreign policy - Internal issues - Revolution - Hungary becomes a larger part of the country - They needed a big country to protect them Russia- - Maintaining control of Bulgaria and keeping a pro-Russian government there
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Unformatted text preview: -Internal financial issues-Economy-Political status Germany- -They are worried about maintaining the distance of Austria-Start an interest in overseas colonies-Potential for French aggression (treaty of Frankfurt). -Germany is trying to make a balance between Austria and Russia. -The Eastern Power Bloc consisted of Austria, Germany and Russia. Bismarck tried to keep Austria and Russia off of each others throats. Prussian Dominance- Small Germany vs. Big Germany Question? Was he trying to bring Russia to the table or was he attempting to maintain the existence of Austria....
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