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test one review - qREVIEW 1. charles l was important in...

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qREVIEW 1. charles l was important in catastrophic T or F 2. present is the key to the past. What is this talking about? Uniformitarianism 3. James hutton's contribution to geology? uniformitarianism 4. Two major groups or rock minerals silicates and nonsilicates 5. what is the scientific method? Observe, hypothesize, experiment, examine, theory 6. What is the silicon oxygen tetrahedron and why is it important? Structure composed of of four oxygen atoms surrounding a slilcon atom that constitutes the basic building block of silicate minerals 7. Whats the hardest naturally occurring mineral? diamond 8. What is moh's hardness scale? 1-talc 10-diamond 9. Define mineral. Naturally occuring inorganic solid that posseses an orderly crystalliine structure and well defined chemical composition 10. Review the composition of an atom electron – negatively charged. Proton – positively charged. Neutron – electronically neutral 11. review the concept of silicate minerals silicates – any on of numerous minerals that have the silicon oxygen tetrahedron as their basic structure 12. three tyof bonding. Review each one Ionic – chemical bond between two oppositely charged ions formed by transfer valence of electrons from one atom to another covalent – chemical bond produced by sharing of electrons metallic – present in metals, extreme type of electron sharing in which electrons move freely from one atom to another 13. review terms crossing cutting relationship, principle of inclusion, original horizontality methods of relative dating 14. this mineral will react with hydrochloric acid calcite 15. define concordant dicordant with respect to igneous concordant – contact between igneous intrusion and country rock that is parallel to the foliation of bedding plane ex: sills discordant – contact that is NOT parallel es: dikes 16. know difference between mafic, intermediate, and felsic mafic – low silica content, derived from words manesium and ferrum. Have high
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test one review - qREVIEW 1. charles l was important in...

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