test 2 notes - TEST TWO RUNNING WATER Importance of running...

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TEST TWO RUNNING WATER Importance of running water greatest impact – we depend on it for: energy travel (commerce) irrigation person usage – 3000 gal per month per person historical importance delaware river drainage basin philadelphia was located at the point called the fall line, which is the farthest point up river that is navigable energy, travel, and commerce hydrologic cycle 0.33% freshwater lakes, 0.003% rivers and streams, 0.3% groundwater = 0.633% total portable water terminology hydrologic cycle – the constant circulation of water from the sea, through the atmosphere, to land, and its eventual return to the atmosphere by way of transpiration, and evaporation from sea and land surfaces transpiration – the water infiltrates or soaks into the land and is absorbed by plants, which then release moisture back into the atmosphere evaporation – also called vaporization, is the process by which a substance passes from the liquid or solid state to the vapor state evapotranspiration – a term for the combined effect of transpiration and evaporation wet facts 1.36 billion cubic kilometers on Earth. 326 million cubic miles. Glaciers hold 2% of the water Glaciers cover 10% of the Earth’s land surfaces. I f Glaciers were to melt sea level would raise 200-600 feet. Origins skipped class 10/19 (fill in notes later) floodplain – flat, low-lying area flanking a stream channel that is subjected to periodic, recurrent, flooding a cutoff in a meandering stream. The abandoned channel will form an oxbox lake. Drainage patterns multi-basinal also called centripetal contorted also called deranged Groundwater
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distribution of ground water on earth 11.02% of 2.78% or about 0.3% how ground water is used? 50% drinking water
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test 2 notes - TEST TWO RUNNING WATER Importance of running...

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