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2011+IUN+Stars+Syllabus (1)

2011+IUN+Stars+Syllabus (1) - A105 Stars and Galaxies...

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A105 Stars and Galaxies Spring 2011 Course Syllabus Instructor: Mr. L. Ciupik, 312.322.0313 [email protected] (Please use this email address!) Saturdays: 8:45-11:30 a.m., HAWTHORN 107 Office Hours: before or after class by arrangement Text: Comins and Kaufmann, Discovering the Universe , 8 th edition. Course Objectives-- 1. Students should develop basic scientific literacy, understand the scientific method of inquiry, and appreciate the impact of science on society. 2. Students should know that astronomy had a wide diversity of historical development. 3. Students should be able to state basic motions of the Earth, Sun, eclipses, and the reasons for seasons. 4. Students should understand how astronomers use various tools to analyze heavenly objects and that the atmosphere hinders our view. 5. Students should know that light spans more than what is visible, starlight carries information, gravity works on all objects, motions of bodies effect them, and energy is transferred from one type to another everywhere in the Universe.
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