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Application Paper: Professional Liability Many medical assistants are under the wrong impression that if there are no laws that govern the medical assistant in their state, there are no liabilities. Tort and negligence law imposes a minimum level of due care on all persons in their interactions with others, including people who choose to volunteer. Negligence is generally considered failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances. More and more people in the USA initiate law suits for negligence in a medical office. Interestingly, it is no longer just the doctor or nurse that gets sued for negligence and malpractice. Paramedical and other allied health care professionals are also named in these law suits and even medical assistants, who work under the direct supervision of the doctor, can be named in a malpractice lawsuit. As more patients, their family, relatives, friends and malpractice lawyers become aware of the role of the medical assistant, they also see a potential malpractice target if they believe they have received a poor standard of care. Those injured, either on their own or encouraged by family, friends, or their attorneys wind up taking their cases to the courts. In order to protect the public and community all medical assistants must practice only methods
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Application paper #1 - Application Paper: Professional...

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