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Unformatted text preview: Google Patent Search Help About Patent Search- Program FAQ- Advanced Search Patent Search Help Understanding a search result Each Google Patent Search result represents an individual patent. We display results based on their relevance to the specific search terms you've entered. We display a number of details about each patent in the list of results. Explanation of terms 1. Patent Title : The title of each entry in the search results is the title of that specific patent. 2. Patent applications : We offer you the option to limit search results to only issued patents or applications. Applications are marked as [APPLICATION] in search results. 3. Sorting options : We automatically sort results by relevance to your search terms, but also provide the option to sort by date. 4. U.S. Patent Number : The patent office assigns a unique number to each patent. 5. Filing Date : The filing date is the date on which the patent was filed with the USPTO. The filing date is when the inventors applied for the patent and should not be confused with the issue date, which is the...
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Google_Patent_Search_Help_2 - Google Patent Search Help...

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