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Patent Checklist for Patent # ______________ Inventor: __________________________ Owner: __________________________ Date of Application: ________________ Date of Issue: ________________ When will this patent expire? __________________ Is this patent directly related to a prior application or prior issued patent? ______ [For example, it may be a Continuation-in-Part or Division or Reissue or…] If so, what is the designation? __________________________ How many patents (US and Foreign) are cited as ‘prior art’ references? ________ How many publications are cited as ‘prior art’ references? ________ On the ‘cover page’ which figure is reproduced? ___________ What is the patentable ‘Subject Matter’ category? _________________________
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Unformatted text preview: To be patentable, the invention must be: novelty , usefulness and non-obviousness . IF addressed in the Specifications, where are these characteristics first mentioned: Novelty [new, unique feature] ______/______ Usefulness [function, field of use] ______/______ Non-obviousness [why didn’t anyone think of this before/] ______/______ Where is the enabling requirement satisfied? from: _____/_____ to: _____/_____ Where is the best mode discussed? from: _____/_____ to: _____/_____ The claims start at: ______/______. The total number of claims: __________ The first ‘independent claim’ is claim # _____ at ______/______. The first ‘dependent claim’ is claim # _____ at ______/______....
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