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Patent Projects (1) Apparatus/Product Patent : Find an item with a patent number on it. Get a copy of the patent and identify the important parts of the patent. I will provide you with a checklist of the parts you should be able to identify. [Optional] In addition, try to find a related process/method patent [and/or design patent] that corresponds to the apparatus/product patent. (2) Prior-Art 1 : Pick an item you want to investigate the patent ‘prior art’ for; i.e. the item has no patent number displaced or stamped on it. Search the appropriate patent classifications and determine (as best you can) the closest patent that you believe covers the item. Provide a picture/graphic of the item you are researching. (3) Design Patent : Find an item with a design-patent number on it. Get a copy of the design-patent that was issued. Write a brief (half page) comparison of how the item differs (if at all) from the issued design-patent. Provide a picture of the original item.
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Unformatted text preview: (4) Business Method Patent : Investigate a business method patent [or software patent] of your choice. Get a copy of the patent. Identify the important parts of the patent using checklist provided. (5) Prior-Art 2 : Obtain a copy of any patent. This may be one of the ones you selected in #1, #3 or #4 above OR any other ‘recent’ patent (i.e. issued within last 10 years). Then get a copy of at least two prior-art-patents that your patent cites. In addition, get a copy of at least one patent that cites your patent as a ‘prior-art’ reference. Write a (one page) report comparing the ‘evolution’ of the invention through the issued patents. **For each assignment: Turn-in a copy of all patents along with any reports or checklists. ITCS-4161 students: Do any one (1) of the above (#1 – #5). ITCS-5161 students: Do any three (3) of the above (#1 – #5). **Due dates will be announced during the second week of classes....
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