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Project / Presentation Presentation : See ‘Research Project Ideas’ handout for list of possible topics. Your project / presentation portfolio…should include (1) interview notes (optional), (2) your presentation outline, (3) copy of any PPT slides, (4) a CD (or diskette) with presentation text and copy of any PPT slides, (5) a copy of your ‘class-handout’ (generally 1 or 2 pages)and (6) your final written paper. Interview notes (optional) : Make one (or more) appointments to interview your ‘contact’ person. Keep notes on your talk(s) with this individual. I suggest: you (1) research the topic on-line to help you formulate questions to ask during the first interview; (2) set-up and conduct the first interview; (3) use the information gained during the first interview to ‘rough-out’ your presentation [You may wish to set-up an appointment with me to be sure you are ‘on-track.’]; (4) after you have gotten your presentation in pretty good shape, you may decide to ask for a ‘follow-up’ interview to clarify some points or to acquire
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