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Research_Project_Ideas_List_2010 - Paris Convention –...

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Research Project Ideas **Patent Valuation Methods **IP in Cyberspace - Chp. 27 **The DMCA of 1998 - Chp. 23 **Mediation in IP disputes **IP Audit / Patent Portfolio Management Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984 - Chp. 24 Economic Espionage Act of 1996 Registered Designs Trade Dress Protection **Software Patents – SPI (Software Patent Institute) **Business Method Patents - Chp. 16 **History – Economic, Legal, or … EU or WTO/WIPO GATT / TRIPS – International Treaties
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Unformatted text preview: Paris Convention – 1883 **Biotechnology Patents - Chp. 15 Foreign Patent Protection (PCT – 1978) Technology Transfer Office (TTO) & AUTM **Open Source Licensing **PTO Website Highlights & Activity Sheet Job Opportunities at PTO DRM and music © Trade Secrets - Chp. 25 Trademarks - Chp. 26 S.T.O.P. (Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy) Program IP in Games Inventors and Inventions Essay – similar to ones found in textbook ** Topic suitable for Graduate Students D...
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  • Economic Espionage Act, Patent Portfolio Management Semiconductor Chip Protection, Calculations **Software Patents, **Business Method Patents

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