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A COMPARISON OF PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS AND TRADE SECRETS     what's protected examples length of protection   trade secret Formula, method, device,  machine, compilation of  facts or any information  that is confidential and  gives a business an  advantage.  Coca-Cola  formula; special  method for assembling a patented  invention; new invention for which  patent application has not been  filed.  As long as information  remains confidential and  functions as a trade secret.    utility patent Machines, compositions,  plants, processes, articles  of manufacture.  iPhone, the drug known as  Vicodin, a hybrid daffodil, the  Amazon 1-click process, a rake.  17 years from date of issue  for patents filed before or on  June 7, 1995; 20 years from  the date of filing for patent  applications filed after June  7, 1995.    copyright Books, photos, music,  recordings, fine art,  graphics, videos, film, 
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Unformatted text preview: architecture, computer programs The DaVinci Code (book and movie), Andy Warhol prints, Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits (music recording, compact disc artwork and video), architectural plans for design of apartment building, Macromedia Dreamweaver program. Life of the author plus 70 years for works created by a single author. Other works such as works made for hire, 120 years from date of creation or 95 years from first publication. trademark word, symbol, logo, design, slogan, trade dress or product configuration. Nike name and distinctive swoosh logo, “What Do You Want Do Today” slogan, Mr. Clean character, Absolut vodka bottle. As long as business continuously uses trademark in connection with goods. Federal registrations must be renewed every 10 years....
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