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INFO415 Quiz 1 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. If solving the business problem is feasible, the analyst develops one possible solution. ____ 2. A systems analyst needs to understand people and the way they work. ____ 3. A systems analyst needs to be an expert in all types of technology. ____ 4. Analysts must upgrade their knowledge and skills continually. ____ 5. Systems analysis means understanding and specifying in detail what the information system should accom- plish. ____ 6. The systems analyst's work is described as problem solving for an organization. ____ 7. A system is a collection of interrelated components that function together to achieve some outcome. ____ 8. The first four major phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) are the planning phase, the analysis phase, the design phase, and the prototyping phase. ____ 9. The primary objective of the analysis phase is to understand the business needs and processing requirements of the new system. ____ 10. The support phase includes maintaining and enhancing the system. ____ 11. A tool is a software support that helps create models or other components required in the project. ____ 12. Every system must have sufficient controls to protect the integrity of the database and the application pro- gram. ____ 13. No system is successful unless the users understand it and can use it appropriately. ____ 14. Design activities are those that define the architecture and physical structure of a new system to satisfy the business's requirements. ____ 15. During the design phase, analysts begin to define a computer-system solution. ____ 16. Implementation is the actual construction, testing, and installation of a functioning information system. ____ 17. The project planning phase is normally long and is not important in the overall success of the project. ____ 18. A project cannot have both predictive and adaptive elements. ____ 19. The spiral model is generally considered to be the first adaptive approach to system development. ____ 20. A methodolgy contains guidelines to follow for completing every activity in the systems development life cycle. ____ 21. A project management software application is an example of a tool. ____ 22. Structured programmming and top-down programming are identical concepts. ____ 23. The data flow diagram is used with the structured analysis system development technique. ____ 24. The class diagram is used with the Information Engineering system development approach. ____ 25. A model is a representation of an important aspect of the real world.
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Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 26. The process of understanding and specifying in detail what the information system should accomplish is called systems ____. a. design c. analysis b. specification d. administration ____ 27. Systems ____ means specifying in detail how the many components of the information system should be physically implemented. a.
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415_Quiz1_Answers - INFO415 Quiz 1 True/False Indicate...

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