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STUDY GUIDE Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The process of understanding and specifying in detail what the information system should accomplish is called systems ____. a. design c. analysis b. specification d. administration ____ 2. Systems ____ means specifying in detail how the many components of the information system should be physically implemented. a. design c. analysis b. specification d. administration ____ 3. The term “____” refers to a business professional who uses analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using information technology. a. database manager c. systems analyst b. computer programmer d. market analyst ____ 4. The most important role of a systems analyst in business is ____. a. technical understanding of information systems b. problem solving c. knowing what data needs to be stored and used d. special programming skills ____ 5. After investing resources in thoroughly understanding the business problem, the analyst decides that the costs of solving the problem will likely outweigh the benefits. The analyst should ____. a. move to the design phase b. invest more in the project to increase the benefits c. have the accounting department resolve feasibility issues d. suggest that the project be discontinued ____ 6. A(n) ____ is a collection of interrelated components that collect, process, store, and provide as output the information needed to complete business tasks. a. system c. subsystem b. information system d. functional decomposition ____ 7. A system that is part of a larger system is called a(n) ____. a. supersystem c. subsystem b. information system d. functional decomposition ____ 8. A(n) ____ includes hardware, software, inputs, outputs, data, people, and procedures. a. system c. subsystem b. information system d. functional decomposition
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____ 9. ____ refers to the division of a system into processes or subsystems. a. System design c. Programming b. Data management d. Functional decomposition ____ 10. The term “____ boundary” refers to the separation between a system and its environment. a. system c. information b. automation d. production ____ 11. An automation boundary is best described as the separation between the ____. a. system and its environment b. automated part of a system and the manual part of a system c. manual part of a system and its environment d. automated part of a system and its environment ____ 12. Support systems that enable geographically distributed personnel to collaborate on projects and tasks are called ____. a. transaction processing systems (TPS) b. decision support/knowledge based systems (DSS/KBS) c. office support systems d. collaboration support systems (CSS) ____ 13. Changes in software development, technology, and business practices have created many new career opportunities for analysts, including ____. a.
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