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History Lecture 20 - History Lecture 20 The French...

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History Lecture 20- The French Revolutionary Wars Part Two - France’s capacity to do anything, let alone defend itself was in doubt by late 1793. They also managed to alienate significant sections of the French population; the west, central and south were in open opposition of the French. - They welcomed the foreign invaders as freedom fighters. - William Pitt the younger on the situation in France: “if we distress the enemy on more sides than one, while their eternal distraction continues, it seems hardly possible that they can long oppose any effectual resistance.” This turned out to be an underestimate of the French and their ability to fight back. - 23 Aug 1793, the first thing the French revolutionary government did was to regain the “Levee en Masse.” They had to recruit more soldiers than the old regime had ever had to. - Remarkably, the revolutionary state proved itself able to equip the soldiers with proper supplies. - 17 Sep 1794- 1.169 mil troops that the French had. - Military manpower on this scale required a new style of revolutionary warfare. They had prepared in advance for this huge influx in manpower, with Lazare Carnot, whom Napoleon called “the organizer in victory.” He was a regular officer turned politician, and was the head of the Committee of Public Safety. -
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History Lecture 20 - History Lecture 20 The French...

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