jack the ripper - Danielle Elrod Human Geography Fleming...

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Elrod 1 Human Geography Fleming Jack the Ripper in Relation to the Five Themes of Geography The mystery of the Jack the Ripper killings is one of the greatest unsolved crimes in history. Based in London and taking place over 100 years ago, these gruesome murders still remain popular for a variety of reasons. In this essay, I will attempt to make connections between the murders preformed by Jack the Ripper and the five themes of geography; which are location, place, movement, human environmental interaction, and region. As stated earlier, the killings were committed throughout London, which is the location. Something many people don’t is that London is actually made up of several districts, or “villages.” These murders all took place within a mile of each other but involved four different districts. As for place, the districts involved in these killings were the districts of Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Aldgate, and the City of London proper. While Jack the Ripper was not the first recorded serial killer, he was the first to grab such media attention. It may have been for the recent advances in media culture in 1888 or the mystery or violence to these crimes but the story of Jack the Ripper was one of the most reported stories of its time. There are over 5,000 noted news stories appearing in about 300 newspapers around the world. Clearly, the story of Jack the
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jack the ripper - Danielle Elrod Human Geography Fleming...

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