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POLS 2401 Fall 2010 Review Guide Midterm Examination I. Readings to pay special attention to: A. Snarr and Snarr (Introducing Global Issues) a. Chapters 3, 5 B. Ulearn Readings a. Readings 1-11 II. From Class Discussions pay special attention to the following concepts and themes: A. The scope of international relations B. Characteristics of the contemporary global community C. Challenges to the national secular state D. Sources (forces) of change in the contemporary international system E. Collective Security F. The main organs of the United Nations and their functions
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Unformatted text preview: G. The security council and veto power H. Specialized agencies of the UN I. Functionalism J. The European Union K. The rise and role of NGOs in the international system L. International Criminal Court: its structure and debate over its appropriateness M. The debate over the existence of an international legal order N. The arguments for preserving state sovereignty O. Chechnya the conflict and its implications P. Rwanda and the conflict in Central Africa Q. Bosnia and breakup of Yugoslavia...
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