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POLS 2401 Fall 2010 Review Guide Final Examination I. Readings to pay special attention to: A. Book a. B. Readings on WebCt a. Readings 12-30 II. From Class Discussions pay special attention to the following concepts and themes: A. The debate over WMD and analysis of the NPT B. Terrorism: definition, debates over causes and how to deal with terrorism, including the video ‘What is Said About Arabs and Terrorism – State Terrorism’ and ‘terrorism and resistance’ C. Human Rights: Types of human rights, debates over human rights, state sovereignty and human rights, International human rights law
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Unformatted text preview: D. Debates over resource management E. Deforestation and its politics F. Fresh water resources current potential conflicts and issues G. Oceans and the concept of common heritage of mankind H. Explanations for lack of economic development – Conventional theory I. Explanations for lack of economic development – Dependency theory J. The debate over multinational corporations in the developing countries K. The politics of “Free Trade” and efforts of developing countries to change the international trade system L. Palestinian-Israeli Conflict M. Iraq...
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