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history lecture 15 - - - - - - - - The immediate fallout of...

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- The immediate fallout of the war was the survival of the state. The battle of Rossbach, and the battle of Leuthen, both victories by the Prussians over the French. It also gave Frederick the Great a new lease on life, especially Leuthen. - It won him a critical foreign friend. British foreign minister Pitt the elder was impressed. - Pitt and Britain provided a subsidy of 670,000 pounds. They were willing to pay for a portion of the Prussian’s war effort because they liked seeing France get beaten. He also provided military reinforcement of the Russians on the ground. He paid for the mobilization of an army of German mercenaries by Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick called the Army of Observation. - It more or less neutralized the French from Prussia’s point of view. - The prospect for Prussia’s survival seemed much better, as opposed to before which was inconceivable. Frederick’s military genius outweighed his political ineptness. There was one enemy that hadn’t engaged the Prussians: The initial encounter between the Russians and the Prussians, Aug 1758, th “e Russians were very impressive even though they had 4000 more casualties. - The following year, FG announced himself unimpressed when the Russians marched to invade Brandenburg. They were under a new commander, Saltykov, and FG called him an ‘imbecil.’ -
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history lecture 15 - - - - - - - - The immediate fallout of...

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