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AMath 250 ASSIGNMENT 3 Winter 2008 Submit all problems by Noon on Tuesday, January 29 th in the drop boxes across from MC4066. All solutions must be clearly stated and fully justified . From Problem Set 1 in the Course Notes From Problem Set 1 in the Course Notes From Problem Set 1 in the Course Notes : # 4(iv) # 5 # 6 (ii),(iv),(vi),(vii) Hint for (vii): the method of undetermined coefficients does apply here, it may take a couple of tries to guess the right trial function. # 8(a) # 9(c)(d) Note: (a) and (b) have been done in class in the case v (0) = 0. Hint for (d): Use the chain rule: dv dt = dv dy dy dt . # 10 See page 7 (and the preceding pages) of the course notes for the definition of escape velocity. # 12 Hint: Assume that the body was at ’normal’ temperature, 36.8 degrees Celsius, at the
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Unformatted text preview: time of death. This problem requires some thought. # 16 Note that you don’t need to find the actual value of the drag coefficient α . You will get one equation with one unknown, but this does not necessarily imply that there is a solution. For example, the equation α 2 + 1 = 0 does not have a (real) solution. Something fun to think about (not for submission): Two friends sit down for a cup of black tea. One adds the milk right away but the other waits 5 minutes to add the milk. Who has the hotter tea? Assume that the milk was kept at a constant temperature for that 5 minutes....
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