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A11 - Applied Math 250 Assignment#11 Winter 2009 Not for...

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Unformatted text preview: Applied Math 250 Assignment #11 Winter 2009 Not for Submission 1. Take a look back at Probem Set 1, #2, part (iii). The equation is separable, but it’s also linear. Find the complementary function (i.e. the solution to the homogeneous version of the equation... which is also separable), and then find a particular solution by using the variation of parameters method. Compare this method to a solution using an integrating factor. 2. Problem Set 5 #5. Note that the fundamental matrices you’ll need are all given on page 159, although I’d still recommend that you practice producing them from the general solutions (which you found on Assignment #9, and which are also given on page 159). ...
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