ansyis of income statment

ansyis of income statment - Kodak's gross profit margin has...

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Analyisising an income statement March 17, 2011 ACC/230
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While Eastman Kodak has demonstrated a growth in sales each year since 2002, this growth is not useful as an indicator of their overall position since their operating cost grew by 15.3% between 2002 and 2003. while their sales grew only 2.9% during the same period. Their growth in sales was made primarily through acquisitions and the impact of foreign exchange rates on their holdings. Digital and film imaging systems Kodak's largest holding, experienced a 1% decrease in sale during this time
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Unformatted text preview: Kodak's gross profit margin has declined every year to below 30%. the overall decrease in prices for traditional film products has been the major factor in this decline. Kodak's similar margin digital products have not been adequate to offset these high- margin traditional. My analysis of this would be that while there is still room for them to make improvements, they like any company have their up and downs. I think that they are at the mercy of the economy and has one of the biggest film and camera company....
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ansyis of income statment - Kodak's gross profit margin has...

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