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Accounting for a Semester I began the class completely unfamiliar with USC, and unsure as of the academic rigors ahead. This accounting class has helped to teach me some valuable lessons about the Marshall School experience and shown me the challenging potential that classes here offer, and the caliber of students with whom I share this campus. I initially spent a tremendous amount of time, diligently studying, which was rewarding. However, my fun side seemed to get the better of me as I drifted from my diligence, socializing too much. This class gave me the shock I needed to return to my studies and tested my curiosity weekly. Professor Sweeney was always willing to discuss business and accounting related topics no matter how abstract and from this I gained more than from any other academic interaction this semester. Despite my uncertainty concerning a future in accounting, the unending flexibility and dedication to exploring any question I asked, has encouraged me to consider an accounting major, something I
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