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Homework Pstat120A Winter 2010 Homework #3, due Tue, Jan 26 Reading (Start here!) Read (in addition to your class notes), the book section in 3.2 and 3.3, in particular examples b, c, e, f, h of section 2 and a, b, d of section 3. For all the problems below, give a detail solution with an argument, not just a numerical answer! Remember to go over the usual steps: 1) define events, 2) translate problems, 3) translate question, 4) solve question. Problems Same numbers for 8th or 7th edition Problem 1: Pb 11, chapter 2 Problem 2. Pb. 52, chapter 2 Problem 3. (independent yet similar type of questions) 1. Suppose that in the US the number of type O blood and type A blood are approximately the same. The number of people with type B is 1/10 of those with type A and twice the number with type AB, Find the probablity
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Unformatted text preview: that a randomly selcted individual is of type AB 2. Suppose that in the US 41% of the people have type A blood, 4% type AB. If the blood of a randomly selected indiviadual has the A antigen found, what is the probability that his blood type is A? (the A antigen is found only in blood types A and AB Problem 4. pb 15, chapter 3 Problem 5. pb 16, chapter 3 Problem 6. Theoretical pb 1, chapter 3. Give an interpretation of the result (i.e. translate into words), and nd a example, both context and actual number. Self test problems (not to be turned in) Pb 4, 8, 9 ch 3...
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