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Homework Pstat120A Winter 2010 Homework #4, due Tue, Feb 2 Reading (Start here!) Read (in addition to your class notes), the book sections 3.3 and 3.4 of chapter 3, in particular examples e, f, g, n of section 3 and a, b, d, e of section 4. For all the problems below, give a detail solution with an argument, not just a numerical answer! Remember to go over the usual steps: 1) define events, 2) translate problems, 3) translate question, 4) solve question. Problems Same numbers for 8th or 7th edition, all from chapter 3. Those problems are pretty short and straiforward. However, for each of these problems, you will not receive any credits unless you go over the basic steps (even if your final answer is correct!). You have to do so carefully, for instance don’t write A = 20% but P ( A ) = . 2: 1. Set-up (define) the events
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Unformatted text preview: 2. translate the problem in terms of probability of the events previously dened 3. Translate the question(s) in terms of those events 4. Solve the problem using 1.2.3. above and properties of probablity, algebra, etc. .. Problem 1: Pb 19 Problem 2. Pb. 21 Problem 3. Pb. 26 Problem 4. Pb. 30 Problem 5. Pb. 51 Problem 6. (similar but independent questions) 1) Problem 63 a) b) 2) Three missiles are red at a target and hit independenlty with probability .7, .8 and .9 respectively. a) What is the probability that the target is hit? b) Bonus (harder question) You oberved that target 1 was hit. What is the probability that missile 1 hit it? What is the probability of the same event if you know that only 1 missile hit it?...
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