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Geology 2 Name Lab day & time IGNEOUS ROCKS PRE-LAB This prelab assignment is due at the beginning of your lab session. You will not be allowed to participate in the lab if you have not completed this prelab exercise. In this lab you will explore one of the three major rock types. Read/ review in the book the chapters on igneous and rocks, especially sections about identification. Answer the following questions. (The glossary in the back of the book may also help.) 1. Define an igneous rock . 2. Igneous textures. If you are examining a piece of igneous rock, what would you look for in order to describe its texture? Name and describe three different textures and tell what each implies about the origin of the rock. a. b. c. 3. Igneous rock names. When magmas solidify at depth in the earth, they form plutonic or intrusive rocks such as those listed below. The same magmas, when they erupt onto the earth's surface cool quickly and form volcanic or extrusive rocks. List the names of the volcanic rocks that would form from the magmas that formed these plutonic rocks: plutonic rock name volcanic rock name Gabbro Diorite Granite 4. Bowen's Reaction Series . Find the chart of Bowen’s Reaction Series in your book and list the minerals in the order in which they crystallize out of a generalized magma as it cools. Appropriately mark minerals as mafic (M) or felsic . (F). Hottest (first to crystallize) _ olivine _ _____ _______________ ______________ ______________ ________________ ______________ ________________ Less hot (last to crystallize) ________________
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2 Igneous Rocks pre-Lab 5. Volcanic Eruption Styles. What factors cause some magmas to erupt and form fluid lava flows while others explode to form volcanic ashes and pyroclastic rocks? 6.
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PreLab3_Igneous - Geology 2 Name Lab day & time IGNEOUS...

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