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Review: Crystal Structures: Like Atoms Metallic Elements: Unlike Atoms Ionic (spherical) C.N. determined by geometry C.N. determined by Bond Position Small cations 3 or 4 near neighbors Large anions Atoms of similar electronegativity Covalent(directional) CN = 8 CN = 4 CN = 3 CN = 1 or 2 FCC HCP BCC Diamond Cubic Triagonal Molecules Al Co Mo Si C (graphite) not crystals Cu
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Unformatted text preview: Mg *Fe(L) Ge Au Ti Ta C Pt Zn W Ag Sn (BCT) Pb Ni *Fe(H) : Engineering metal structures- inexpensive- Non reactive- Meltable, shapable, ductile *Fe(H) - Gamma Iron *Fe(L) - Alpha Iron Pure Metals (spherical) -----------------> Covalent(elliptical) CN = 12 Increasing degree of covalence ------------------------->...
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