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history lecture 16 - History Lecture 16 Sources of British...

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History Lecture 16- Sources of British Strength and Stamina - France suffered numerous defeats in the Seven Years War that led to the French Revolution. - How did Britain with a third of the territory and population of France would steward the shock of sustained war with a greater enemy (beat France)? - Britain’s naval power contained and defeated the French, as well as it did against Germany in WWI. - In summation: the British navy was the key to its military success. - The Standing Army: 1680-1730- Substantial numbers went down. The militia backed the standing army. - Paid mercenary forces to fight for them. The financial subsidies enabled the British pay for them. - War of Spanish Succession- 25% of its military budget went to its allies. 2% went to Prussia during the Seven Years War. - There was an assumption that since the Britain was on an island, it was natural that they would have a good army. - Between 1066-1688 the British were invaded 10 times across the sea by foreign large-scale forces. It took a conscious effort by the British to decide to place a
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