English homework for 2-23-09

English homework for 2-23-09 - 14 directly, the beginning...

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William Pittman 2-23-09 The Starry Night 1. I had overlooked the moon, and the description of how the town was silent gave me a new interpretation. 2. The poem emphasizes the painting more. The poet states “ This is how I want to die” It has a positive attitude of the scene The Third of May 1. Goya’s Painting was obviously more sinister than starry night and that was portrayed so in Gewanter’s poem . Starry Night was used to portray a scene of bliss while the execution of the defenders of Madrid is s wartime scene. Gewanter really focused on the violence and terribleness of the scene. 2. The painting really helps Gewnaters poem. I think it would be a stretch to be able to understand the poem without it. Landscape with the fall of Icarus 1. Icaurus is mentioned in line
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Unformatted text preview: 14 directly, the beginning of the second stanza. The poem ended with “Sailed calmy on” This is something you would not xpect with a poem about a painting named the fall of Icarus. 2. I think it is important that the stanzas are in the order they were written. The opening of the poem is talking about the reality of the disaster and the second stanza is talking about how life went on and the calmness of the scene. 3. The first is basically about the negative(the fall) and the second about the positive(the peace in the scene). 4. I don’t understand the title 5. The second Poem is much less literal and direct. The scene is described as serenity and the fall of Icarus is secondary and portrayed as a splash, illustrating its minimal effect....
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English homework for 2-23-09 - 14 directly, the beginning...

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