Rhetorical Analysis - Lauria 1 Jimmy Lauria Professor Gatta...

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Jimmy Lauria Professor Gatta English 1101 16 November 2010 Consequences of Facebook on Academic Performance Children and young adults use the computer more than most people. Today, children and young adults multitask between homework, music, and other websites including Facebook. Multitasking can have a negative effect on the effectiveness and the efficiency of carrying out a task. Reports have showed that those who use Facebook have lower GPAs and spend fewer hours studying then people who do not use it. The time spent on Facebook causes problems for many college students and their academic achievements. Kirschner and Karpinski collectively researched study habits and grade averages based on Facebook usage by students, which help make their views very believable. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg to connect people from other colleges and universities. While his intent surely was not to sabotage student’s grades, it began to look more and more like that was happening. There are more than three hundred and fifty million users on Facebook. The age group for Facebook expanded from only college students to adults that are twenty five years old and older. Twenty five to thirty four year-olds increase one hundred and eighty one percent while thirty five year-olds and older increase ninety-eight percent. Fifty percent of users log onto Facebook in any given day. While this may not seem surprising at first,
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Rhetorical Analysis - Lauria 1 Jimmy Lauria Professor Gatta...

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