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Unformatted text preview: Lauria 1 The Georgia Meth Project Methamphetamines are considered to be one of the worlds most addictive and life wrecking drugs. Commonly known as “Meth,” this drug is one of the most abused drugs by teens and adults alike. Meth can appear in various forms. One known as crystal meth looks like small yellow crystals where the user ingests the drug by smoking it, which, other than injecting, is the most harmful way. Another form it comes in is a white, powder substance, which is essentially just crystal meth ground up. The reason meth is so heavily abused is that when used, it literally re-wires the brain; making one believe they need methamphetamines to survive. Luckily, there is a campaign against meth abuse known as “The Georgia meth Project.” The Georgia Meth Project is a state based campaign designed to bring to light the severity of using meth. The creators of this campaign have a very direct approach in getting their message across. There is a website,, which has many facts about meth. According to the website, Meth abuse costs the state of Georgia an estimated $1.3 million dollars annually. This is due to under the table drug deals that avoid people from paying taxes, and the actual money involved in the users habits to buy the actual drug. The government is constantly looking for ways to track the sales of this deadly concoction, so that they can keep its citizens safe, and keep people paying their taxes and upholding normal responsibilities. A survey shows that 35% of teens see little to no harm in trying meth. This ideal is due to the public being misinformed about meth, and not knowing the true dangers in using it. In today’s world, drugs are common place. One in five teens say that meth is easy to find if actually looking for it, particularly in Lauria 2 cities. The reason cities are more of a danger in relations to exposure to meth is because it is practically offered to the average person on a daily basis. While this is true, it does not help that 58% of kids are never talked to by their parents about meth. Parents tend to avoid such talks, thinking their children would never partake in such reckless behavior. Unfortunately, since some people decide to take the plunge into the world of meth, 42% of child endangerment cases involve meth. This is due to irresponsible people having children while dealing with a drug problem, and end up dragging their kids into their issues. These are all facts that can be found on the Georgia Meth Projects website. The campaign decided to release a string of videos in order to really get the public thinking about the terrible effects meth can have on a person. While they are slightly disturbing, they are highly effective. In one of their videos, there is a teen guy saying “I’m only going to do meth once; I’m not going to end up like that guy.” The video continues with him throwing his life away, and eventually telling himself that he is only going to try heroine once. At the end of the video there is a younger female saying the exact same thing, except, the guy she is referring to is the young guy who said he would only try it once. Another video involves a teenage girl saying she is only going to try meth once. She goes on to saying she is only going to do more extreme situations for meth, “just once.” By the end of the video, her little sister says that she too is “only going to try meth once.” This type of exposure is very effective because it shows teens in real life situations. It helps target their audience by showing it on television channels that teens watch, where they know the campaign will be seen. The way it specifically targets teens is that every actor in their commercials are normal teens at first, but end up in a horrible situation that no one would want to image happening to them. It is a very smart idea to appeal to a younger Lauria 3 crowd so that they plant their message in kids at an early stage, preventing the problem from getting a chance to grow. Since the Georgia Meth Project began, they have run 71,000 television ads, 64,000 radio ads, and 140,000 print impressions, along with 2,100 billboards. The campaign has had an incredibly positive impact on the problem. According to surveys, meth use by teens has declined 63%. One result that is even more surprising is that meth use by adults has dropped 72% since the first commercial aired. Overall crimes involving methamphetamines have dropped an impressive 62% and counting. The Georgia Meth Project saw a gap in society that desperately needed to be filled, and since they did, their cause has been helping teens and adults in ways never before imagined. I strongly support the message of this campaign and think they are doing a great thing for the world. ...
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