Groceries and Stereotypes

Groceries and Stereotypes - Jimmy Lauria Writing...

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Jimmy Lauria Writing Assignment #6 07:01:13 Groceries and Stereotypes In a grocery store, items are located based on convenience. This is why they can also be referred to as “convenience stores.” When walking down the aisles, one will notice that there is always a theme to that specific aisle. Themes consist of something like cookies, or dairy. While each aisle has a theme, there are usually sub categories within these themes. This is due to the cultures need for convenience and efficiency. Some of these subcultures include things such as ethnic wants, including vegetarian food or fried foods. Unfortunately, these foods often portray certain stereotypes, both negative and positive. An example of a positive stereotype would be when a vegetarian is walking down a vegetable aisle and they have other foods that correlate with a vegetarian lifestyle, such as “Morning Star” brand foods. This way their shopping experience is made quicker and easier because looking for food is practically done for them. A
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Groceries and Stereotypes - Jimmy Lauria Writing...

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