Sociology and Religion

Sociology and Religion - Jimmy Lauria 07:01:14 Sociology...

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Jimmy Lauria 07:01:14 Sociology Writing assignment #9 Sociology and Religion Sociology evaluates religion not by the validity of the religious beliefs, but by its role in society; including the practices, historical backgrounds, developments and universal themes of religion in society. Religion ties people together, giving them a sense of belonging and community. It also is the underlying cause of almost every controversy throughout history. The reason for this is that religion becomes such a solid view on life when someone fully embraces it and decides to live by a certain set of values. People who practice a certain religion generally look at it with a very biased, inexorable mentality. Sociology tells us to look through the “looking glass view” or the sociological perspective of life, but religion is slightly more complicated than that. While sociology can define religion, it cannot convince people to take their own faith in one direction or another. When looking at religion from a macro sense, grouping all faiths into one group and calling it religion in general, sociology shows it to be a generally positive thing for human beings, referring to actions and tranquility. This broad look on religion could potentially make one’s faith stronger just by saying how their religion is in that
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Sociology and Religion - Jimmy Lauria 07:01:14 Sociology...

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