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Alex Laughlin 24 February 2011 Reading Questions – Harjo 1. In “I Give You Back,” the speaker addresses a “hated twin” whom she essentially disowns. Is this “twin” fear itself, or can the dual imagery of a twin speak more for a binary identity within the speaker? If the latter, what is the second identity, and what does it mean when she releases it? 2. In “A Postcolonial Tale,” there is a feeling of time being cyclical and transient within a story’s context: “Every day is a reenactment of the creation story.” She
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Unformatted text preview: also repeats the phrase “we imagined” near the end of the poem, but then imagination is personified as a loving being. What image does Harjo intend upon her people by conveying this imagery of them first as nearly helpless victims of the creation story and also friends of imagination (when imagination is usually considered the source for the beginning of any story)?...
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