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Alex Laughlin 10 Feb. 2011 Naomi Wolf pgs. 61 – 62; 120 – 124 The first article talks about the roots of most wedding traditions and how they are based in unfair patriarchal beliefs. The second article talks about how the concept of beauty is a myth that changes over time based on the societal trends and how men control women, essentially. 1. What do you think Wolf meant when she ended her article with the image from “Now We are Six”? I think it means that she thinks women’s ideals about wedding traditions are largely founded in naïve ignorance. 2. Do you care enough about the degrading origins of many wedding traditions to stop doing them? I honestly don’t know if I do… I’ve been planning my wedding for a long time and I really love all of the traditions. 3. The second piece talked about how beauty is a myth in culture. Were you
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Unformatted text preview: surprised to read that and do you agree with what Wolf says? I’m not sure how I feel about what she said. I have a really hard time accepting that what I think is beautiful is actually a societal construct made to control women. 4. Do you dress yourself up for you or for others? What would you do if you aren’t seeing people? I partially dress up for myself and partially for others. I shower when I’m by myself and I like to blow dry my hair but I won’t make as much of an effort if I’m not seeing other people. 5. What do you think about the other cultures’ standards of beauty that Wolf talked about? Since beauty seems universal, it’s weird to think that something completely different is considered beautiful in other cultures....
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