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Alex Laughlin “Medicine, Markets and the Female Body.” This section talked about how value for the female body and form has shifted from ancient cultures up to now. With the advent of western state organization, males became more valued in religion and therefore in society. Finally, the section talked about women’s personal body image and how fatness is valued in cultures where food is scarce, but in the West, women are always trying to become thinner. 1. What was a major cause in the standardization of the female body in the West? Ready-made, mass marketed clothing that was sold in department stores, as opposed to clothing that was custom-made at home. 2. Why is thinness considered more attractive in the West? Maybe it was because of the religious roots of the U.S. Earlier in the section it talked about how eating was associated with sexual desire, and so fasting was considered evidence of a woman’s devotion to her religion. 3. Not all girls grow up critiquing their bodies. What do you think can be done by
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