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Alex Laughlin WMST 2010 11 March 2011 Discussion Questions – Pharr “Homophobia and Sexism” by Suzanne Pharr In her piece, “Homophobia and Sexism,” Suzanne Pharr demonstrates the link between homophobia, particularly in and about women, and sexism. She says that because there is such a stigma associated with being a lesbian, that stigma is also associated with being a feminist. Therefore, many women are reluctant to be outwardly feminist because they don’t want to be labeled as a “man hater.” 1. What is the central focus of the right wing attack against women’s liberation and who led it? Why do they lead this attack? Fundamentalist ministers across the country. They have probably led the attacks because they see feminism as a threat to the traditional nuclear family. 2. What is lesbian baiting and when does it happen? Lesbian baiting is an attempt to control women by labeling us as lesbians because our
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Unformatted text preview: behavior is not acceptable in the traditional sense. 3. What are some things a woman can do that will cause people to call her a lesbian? She can be financially independent, not shave, speak with a deeper voice, express an interest in math and science, and not pay as much attention to outward appearances. 4. Why do some women modify their otherwise radical practices and beliefs about feminism? They are afraid of being called lesbians because they think it was discredit them in many ways. 5. Does this same effect (lesbian vs. feminist) happen with men? (Are men afraid to act a certain way because they will be called gay?) Yes, I think so. Everyone has a certain amount of freedom to defy gender barriers depending on who your family and friends are, but it’s typically pretty tough if you aren’t the typical example of your gender binary....
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