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Guitar History Notes - o Top wood is most important Most...

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Guitar History Notes 3 Main Parts of the Guitar (Acoustic / Classical) - Headstock o Holds strings in place o Allows you to tune the strings - Neck o Holds the fingerboard (usually made of ebony) o Has frets (metal bars across the fingerboard o Holding the string against a fret at a certain point will change the pitch - Body o Sound Hole This is where the sound comes out of the guitar
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Unformatted text preview: o Top wood is most important Most times it is made of Cedar or Spruce Sides and Back are not as important Guitar Music Notation Index - 1 Middle - 2 Ring - 3 Pinky - 4 Thumb - P Index - I Middle - M Ring – A 1 (Arabic numeral) – Left hand finger (1) (Arabic numeral) - # String I (Roman numeral) - # Fret...
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