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class music- alex m - Piano invented Classical Composers o...

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Classical Music Notes Classical Music - Art music - Western Classical Music o 6 Major style periods Medieval No music before this time was comprehensible Renaissance (plucked instruments are most important) Circa 1400-1600s Lute (NOT the fore-runner of guitar) o Primarily European (British) composers o John Dowland Dances Pavane Allamonde Galliard Fantasias A free form composition Vihuela o Primarily played in Spain (Theme & Variation came from Spain) Luis Milan Wrote the book El Maestro o First book to have tempo markings and structured time Luis Narvaez Alonso Mudarra Baroque Circa 1600-1750 Lots of Dance Suites / Sonatas / Partitas / Fugue Harpsichord (keyboard instrument) Baroque Guitar o Spain Lute (still played all over Europe) Composers o Germany o Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) o Silbius Leopold Weiss Tonality replaces Modality Opera is developed (melodies) Classical
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1750-1800 Period in which guitars as we know them were perceived 6 strings with EADGBE tuning o Started in Italy
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Unformatted text preview: Piano invented Classical Composers o Haydn o Mozart o Beethoven Guitar Composoers o Fernando Sor (Spain) o Mauro Guiliani (Italy) o Nicolo Paganini (Italy) o Matteo Grassi (Italy) 25 Melodious & Progressive Studies o Franz Schubert Romantic 1800-1885/1900 Antoni de Torres Francisco Tarrega Johann Kesper Mertz Isaac Abeniz Enrique Granados Transcriptions Modern Atonal Timbre Rhythm Commissions o Manuel de Falla o Federiro Moreno Torroba Andres Segovia Julian Bream Benjamin Britten John Williams Christov Penderecki Threondy for the Victims of Hiroshima Joaquin Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez Flamenco o Tremolo Repeated patter on a single note or 2 notes with more than a step in between them o Golpe o Rasgueado Down with pointer, down with thumb, up with thumb o Alzapua Going back and forth with the thumb Degree in Sleeves...
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class music- alex m - Piano invented Classical Composers o...

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