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Classical Music Notes 2

Classical Music Notes 2 - Naples Tu Sei Morta Deus ex...

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Classical Music Notes Overture – Instruments playing alone (usually at the beginning) Recitative – Accompaniment is usually only one instrument Aria – A solo song (full orchestra) Ensemble – Two or more people singing together Chorus – 8 or more people singing together Opera – Italian invention (based around Florence) - Venice (paid composers to write Operas)
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Unformatted text preview: - Naples Tu Sei Morta Deus ex Machina Monterverdi- The Return of Ulysses- The Coronation of Poppea Cadence (pause at the end of a melody (allows for repetition or a new variation)) Castrato (1), Castrati (2) Countertenor Falsetto Pur Ti Miro Find a piece of music that is based on a Ground Bass- Name of song- Performer- A Link to find a video of the song...
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