Culture Notes - environment- Instincts Vs. Drives- Human...

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Culture Notes Part 1 Social Location - Think about your life, pick your position in a social institution o The economy I’m a worker I work at Starbucks I’m a consumer I drink coffee at Starbucks - Is the position achieved? o Marriage o Steady Pay - Or is the position ascribed? o Age Toys o Gender Behaviors Norms What other statuses think about you What are the advantages and disadvantages Culture - All the beliefs, behaviors and products common to members of a particular group - “All that in human society which is socially rather than biologically transmitted.” - Humans rely on culture rather than genetics as our means to adapt to the
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Unformatted text preview: environment- Instincts Vs. Drives- Human Software Culture 2- Learned Passive and Active- Shared Defines a group- Adaptive Across environments- Patterened Similar ideas reoccur- Symbolic - Represents Culture And Society- Society The people who interact in a defined territory and share a common culture- Culture The way of life they share- Common culture simplifies day-to-day interactions We Culturalize Natural- Eating What, when, how- Elimination- Bathing- Sex Have to learn Vs. estrus(rut)- Color Perception (See Kluckhohn)...
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Culture Notes - environment- Instincts Vs. Drives- Human...

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