Culture Notes Part 3

Culture Notes Part 3 - attitudes values and actions thought...

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Culture Notes Part 3 Values – Williams - Achievement and success - Individualism - Activity and work - Efficiency and practicality - Applied science and technology - Progress - Material comfort - Freedom - Democracy - Racism and group superiority - Education - Religion - Romantic love and monogamy Cultural Variation - Subculture – segment with a distinctive pattern of culture - Insider / outsider behavior “argot” - Counter Culture – subculture that opposes aspects of dominant culture Culture And Conflict - “Culture War” – Conflict of different cultural systems - Dominant Ideaology Vs. Counter-Culture Socialization - Lifelong process by which we learn to become members of society by: o Internalizing norms and values of society o Learning to perform our social roles o Develop a sense of self - The process by which people learn the characteristics of their group – the
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Unformatted text preview: attitudes, values and actions thought appropriate Two Phases- Primary and secondary socialization- Primary largely occurs in the family – emotional bonding, language, learn the basic rules of culture- Secondary socialization – process of learning behavior as member of smaller group in society – typically adolescents and adults The importance of Primary Socialization- Feral Children Sociological Socialization- Self-image from our interaction with others o Primary Groups – intense, +/- emotional ties, face to face o Secondary Groups – large impersonal and fleeting o Reference Groups (Hyman 1942) group to whom we look to as an example of how to behave Cooley – Looking Glass Self- We imagine how we appear to others- We interpret others reactions to us- We develop a self-concept – feeling and ideas about ourselves- = Self is an internal conversation...
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Culture Notes Part 3 - attitudes values and actions thought...

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