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Sociology - Individual qualities depend on interaction with...

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Sociology Notes Library North next to Saxby’s (Room 1) - Project proposal due Tuesday - Pick a sociological issue (there’s questions on uLearn) - 2 Paragraphs (1 = why you’re interested, 1 = how to go about it) Observational Research - Observe 5 men, and 5 women. Write a paragraph about it. Due a week from Tuesday Social Nature of Human Beings - We rely on other to survive - We learn from others how to survive - We spend our lives in social organizations - Human qualities depend on social life
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Unformatted text preview: - Individual qualities depend on interaction with others Ways of Knowing the Social World- Authorities- Tradition- Personal Experience- Media Myths- Common Sense The Social Sciences- Psychology o Individual emotion, learning, perception- Political Science o Government institutions, political decision making- Economics o Market transactions, micro/macro level exchanges- Anthropology o Human culture, non-western and preliterate societies- Sociology o Human social interactions, micro/macro, group and social structure...
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