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Social Location - Daniel Yamhari Huffman Intro to Sociology...

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Daniel Yamhari Huffman Intro to Sociology 1101 Doctor William W. Holland 10/3/2010 My Social Location 1. I have four siblings, an older sister, younger brother, younger sister, and a baby brother. My mother is Jamaican, and Jamaican people have very large families. I have relatives in Jamaica, Canada, England, China, and various parts of the US. I love my entire family, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, but having four siblings isn’t always fun. I have 2 step sisters and some extremely close friends that I have known for years which make them like family so it wouldn’t be fair to not mention them. My family is a very important social institution for me. 2. The purpose of family in American society is quite broad. To nurture and care for children during the early stages of development such as baby years, and toddler. To teach children how to function in society via norms, mores, folkways, and taboos this is primary socialization. Family provides children with culture and sense of self, perpetuating the notion of individualism. To discipline children through adolescent and teenage years so they understand their responsibilities and mature into adulthood.
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3. A status is a title held by any given person. In my family my status is first born son. I have an older sister so I didn’t have all the responsibility, but being the oldest son is no cake walk. I love my older sister, and commend her for all she did while my other siblings and I were growing up. As she got older she took on more responsibilities, and naturally things started to trickle down to me thus I ended up picking up where she left off. When my older sister moved out it was really a wakeup call because I suddenly was the oldest child in the house. I became the role-model for my other siblings and so I had to be careful not to teach them any bad habits. 4.
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Social Location - Daniel Yamhari Huffman Intro to Sociology...

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