English - Huffman1 Yamhari (Daniel Huffman) Emily Schulten...

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Huffman1 Yamhari (Daniel Huffman) Emily Schulten Engl 1101 9/13/10 Voyage to a not so foreign land The experiences you get from an international trip are unreal. I have been to Jamaica, Honduras, and England respectively. I am Jamaican and I have a considerably large family, but my extended family is even larger than my immediate family. I have relatives in Jamaica, England, Canada, and even China. In all three of the countries I have been to I have had quite memorable experiences, but nothing compares to discovering photography. In my travels to various parts of Manchester, London, Leeds, and York I discovered a true passion for photography. Travel provided me with a myriad of experiences with fascinating cultures. Through those experiences I was exposed to scenic landscape which I later realized that I love photographing. While I was in Manchester there were no scenic mountains, fields, or ancient buildings to capture, but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures. It may have just been the excitement that I was in another country that led me to take so many pictures of a city, but whatever the cause I took countless pictures of Manchester. The most memorable photography
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English - Huffman1 Yamhari (Daniel Huffman) Emily Schulten...

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