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Incept Essaty - and public schooled so I am sure I can...

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Daniel (Yamhari) Huffman Incept Essay Question 10/13/10 Incept Application I am interested in being an inceptor because I experienced first-hand how fun incept was and I want to be a part of that experience for the incoming freshmen for the 2011 academic year. I am a born leader. When I was in high school I was the CEO of my business class’s business. We conducted meeting, and even set up a lucrative movie night for students. I am certain that I would make a great inceptor not only because I am qualified, but also because helping my school, and the new students adapt to this school is something I can enjoy and truly take pride in. I expect to gain unique leadership skills, and working experience through the interactions I have with faculty, parents, new students, and my fellow inceptors. As well as a better understanding of the history of Georgia state, and Georgia state itself. I have an array of interests ranging from soccer, to video games, to travel, and I have been home schooled, private schooled,
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Unformatted text preview: and public schooled so I am sure I can relate to the vast majority if not all of the new students. I am also a very kind, respectful, funny, and helpful person so I am sure I will make a good first impression with the new students, and their parents. I would like to improve on my listening skills because when I get anxious to speak and don’t take the time to not only listen to, but also understand what others are saying. Also I feel as though I could be more humble, and working with the Georgia state faculty, and getting a better understanding of how the school works would likely make me appreciate not only the school but all of the people who make Georgia state the great school that it is. I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to become an inceptor, and I hope my essay wasn’t too long because I know you have to read a lot of them....
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Incept Essaty - and public schooled so I am sure I can...

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