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Firehouse Foster - H uffman 1 Daniel Huffman English 1101...

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Huffman1 Daniel Huffman English 1101 11/27/10 Paper Four Assignment Final Draft Firehouse Foster: The Man With Two Faces Herbert Foster is a respectable god fearing man who does everything in his power to live up the man his mother wanted him to be. Herbert’s father was a jazz man who loved playing piano in brassy bars, drinking gin and breathing smoke. Herbert’s Mother instilled in her son the ideals of a respectable, family oriented, hardworking, god fearing man. Herbert plays that piano just as his father did, but rather than playing in dingy bars he plays for his church at various events. Herbert got his father’s musical talents and his mother’s values, but obviously favors his mother. Firehouse Harris on the other hand favors his father more. Firehouse Harris follows in his father’s footsteps playing jazz in low-down bars, drinking gin and breathing smoke, just like dear old dad. In Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “The Foster Portfolio” an unnamed stock broker helps Herbert Foster with his stocks that Herbert inherited from his late grandfather. Herbert has little to no interest in his stocks, because he already has everything he could want in life. Herbert has lived up to his mother’s ideals, and Firehouse followed in his father’s footsteps. Herbert Foster has split personality disorder and lives a double life as Herbert Foster the respectable family man, and Firehouse Harris the jazz man. The unnamed broker points out at multiple times throughout the story the soft undertones of Herbert’s dissatisfaction with his plain life. When Herbert and the broker meet for the first time the broker describes Herbert as a show off type and also mentioned a look of desperation in his eyes. During Herbert and the broker’s discussion when the broker asks if Herbert’s wife
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