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Daniel Yamhari Huffman GSU 1010 11/20/10 BRIC Essay Japan: A Country of Culture and Then Some. Japan is a country of efficiency and economic innovation and has been for the past few years. Japan has a very colorful culture and history. Japan is currently the third leading economy judging by GDP-which means Gross Domestic Product-and is considerably smaller than most countries. Japan has made many contributions to modern society, and continues to be one of the world leaders on efficiency and sustainability. Japanese people are healthier and much cleaner than Americans as a whole. Japanese culture is remarkable because so many rich aspects of it are still practiced despite the hardships Japan went through in the Second World War. Japan has rich cultural, intriguing history, and a very successful economy. Japanese culture is a broad idea for it entails a myriad of things from traditional wears, festivals, or ceremonies. Japan is traditionally an elitist country with strict rules or taboos about leaving the country, foreigners coming to live in , or foreigners marrying Japanese women. In recent years some of these expectations have dissolved or have been stressed substantially less. Men have historically been dominant economically, politically, and socially. There are more in the workplace, but there are still certain expectations that are held in high regard by Japanese people. For example, when a woman gets married she is expected to quit her job and start a
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family. When women got pregnant they would get maternity leave and their employers would refuse to let them come back to work after child birth because they now had a family to take care of. Japan has never seen a female prime minister and their politics in dominated by male influence. While that isn’t terribly different from the situation in America, there are drastic differences in the way our cultural treats and views women. There are apparent issues due to the treatment of women. There are also the modern fashions, modern hobbies, and modern social issues. Modern fashion is often seen in American media which is characterized by bright colors, bold hair styles, and daring outfits. This is notable because the young people of Japan are rebelling to the extreme against the traditional or even socially acceptable way of dressing. Cell phones in Japan are the
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GSU 1010 - Daniel Yamhari Huffman GSU 1010 BRIC Essay Japan...

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