English 1101 BB DiBiaseL Paper2

English 1101 BB DiBiaseL Paper2 - DiBiase 1 Laura DiBiase...

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DiBiase 1 Laura DiBiase English 1101 Composition 1 Ms. Lugo August 30, 2009 Not Only an Obligation In a culture as fast paced as America, it is effortless to become unappreciative of the objects used on a daily basis. These items are frequently unnoticed and ignored without another thought. Nonetheless, life continues and the simplistic objects are exercised to perform necessary tasks, and then disregarded. For example, chores such as writing notes, walking the dog, opening a door, and eating require such an overlooked material. Imagine trying to write vital notes without a pencil or attempting to eat delicately without a fork. These acts are near impossible without such utensils. Inventors created such objects to make life easier for inhabitants. Throughout the history of the human race eating utensils such as forks have existed. This tool has been around for generations with such a simple design, yet such a vast importance to etiquette and culture. The fork was created with only one purpose- to help one eat. In the very first design, a fork consisted of only about two tines or points; however, a modern day fork can count to have four or five depending on the category of fork. Typically a salad fork has fewer tines than a dinner fork would. The invention can vary from being made from substances such as steel, gold, metal, plastic or aluminum. A fork is normally only a couple inches long, but it is a good length of distance from the hand to the end of the tines to conduct excellent balance for eating. There are only two major parts which make up a fork: the tines and the handle. The tines are thin but
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English 1101 BB DiBiaseL Paper2 - DiBiase 1 Laura DiBiase...

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