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Rebecca Richardson November 11, 2010 Sociology 330 Section 1 Homework #6 Cross Culture Research Harkness discusses the importance of properly conducting cross-national and cross- cultural research. This type of research cannot be handled in the same way that nation-based surveys are because questionnaires can hold different meaning to different people. One problem with having only one survey to measure different populations is the language barrier. One word or concept may not translate into a word in another culture, making the data incomparable. I see this all the time when I am talking to returned missionaries or students from a different country. They will be telling me a story and then they will stop on a word because they cannot find an English word to accurately describe what they mean. One way to help solve this problem is have standardization. The goal of standardization is to enhance comparability. This can be done two different ways. Top-down is where “external design requirements are fixed first and specifications at national levels articulated later” (pg 61). The second approach is called bottom-up and functions in the opposite manner of the top-down
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Homework #6 - Rebecca Richardson Sociology 330 Section 1...

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